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Digital transactions are accelerating, mobile wallets are gaining global significance and more people are relying on technology to access financial services. Meanwhile, regulatory landscapes are evolving to support the increasingly complex needs of society. Security and fraud rates are also rising — which has created understandable stress for the industry.

Increasingly, it’s up to compliance, risk and IT security professionals to take on new problem-solving responsibilities. Trulioo recognizes the contributions that these leaders make, each day — and how much work goes into creating positive change.

So thank you for everything that you do, to support your organization and contribute to a greater mission of financial inclusion. To bring recognition to your accomplishments, we are introducing a new industry recognition and education program: the Champions of Trust.

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Compliance, risk and IT security leadership is crucial, given the uncertainty that we are all facing. But it’s not easy for people to step up to take on more responsibilities when we’re all striving to balance many needs in our work and personal lives.

Trulioo believes that despite these universal challenges, every motivated compliance, risk and IT security professional has the potential to become a Champion of Trust. Knowledge, organizational support and access to resources are key. Our commitment to aspiring Champions of Trust is to offer support, at every step of the journey.

Trulioo cares about acknowledging and celebrating innovation in fintech — especially when so many people in our industry are stretched-thin across many responsibilities. When we kicked off development for the Champions of Trust program, the first step we took was to commission research. With this ground-level perspective, we enhanced our understanding of how to empower compliance, risk and IT security professionals to uplevel in their career journeys.

So what exactly is a Champion of Trust? What does it take to become one?

Learn more about this career path.

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The goal for Trulioo, in conducting this research, was to understand how aspiring Champions of Trust can take their best steps forward in reaching their full potential as leaders. Knowing that resources are needed to help you work through any challenges you face, the process begins with identifying exactly what those challenges are.

Throughout 2021, we conducted 408 interviews with geographically diverse professionals with budget responsibility and/or influence around technology for identity checks or fraud prevention. Respondents included professionals from a range of disciplines and departments:

  • Risk and Compliance
  • Payment Processing
  • Fraud
  • Trust and Safety
  • Information Technology
  • Customer Experience
  • Finance

Here are some of the key findings that we uncovered based on research questions that piqued our interest:

How common are Champions of Trust?

Champions of Trust are rare and make up only 15% of all professionals in the job functions studied. That doesn’t mean they naturally possess all the necessary abilities and skills to be a Champion. The key is they create conditions for their own success in seeking organizational support.

How needed is their leadership?

73% of respondents believe it is extremely important that organizations have or develop Champions of Trust within the next 2 years. Even though Champions of Trust are currently rare, there is a clear runway emerging for more people to become one.

What is the mission they are working towards?

70% of respondents believe digital identity is the foundation of trust, not just for their organization and customers, but to build a sustainable digital ecosystem. From this bigger-picture perspective, it is integral that more compliance, risk and IT professionals create their own opportunities to become a Champion of Trust. There’s room — and need — for everyone to grow.

What is standing in the way of their success?

60% state that business leaders within their organization don’t understand the importance of digital identity. But don’t assume that leadership doesn’t want to understand. As an aspiring Champion of Trust, the key is to empower yourself with knowledge to navigate tough decisions for balancing trade-offs between costs, technical sophistication.

How can aspiring leaders build alliances with company executives?

Share resources with leadership. Become an ally to the high-level company mission. Communicate the business impact of new technology. Seek guidance from trusted partners — those who have been there and leaders at the forefront of new technology innovation.

Interested in diving into more research findings?

Access the white paper for more.



Careers take many twists and turns — and Trulioo wants to help more compliance, risk and IT security leaders reach their full potential in their careers. Our team recognizes the importance of guidance and mentorship along this journey — and that this mentorship may be more challenging to access given the rise of remote and hybrid work.

Throughout 2022, Trulioo will continually seek out Champions of Trust — and we will share in-depth interviews about their career journeys.

We’ll be updating this list periodically, so be sure to sign up for our company newsletter, so we can let you know when we publish more Champions of Trust content.

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The Trulioo team is committed to helping more compliance, risk and IT security professionals become Champions of Trust. We’ve developed a self-assessment tool to help you understand your baseline and uncover opportunities for growth.



Are you responsible for risk and compliance functions such as identity verification, KYC or fraud oversight within your company?

Trulioo is on a mission to help you reach your highest potential as a leader within your company. Take our five-minute assessment to get actionable advice on how you can accelerate your career and learn about the perspectives of your peers who hold roles like yours.

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We’ve received your responses to your Champions of Trust assessment. Your results and actionable advice will be emailed to you shortly.

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Assessment paper

As digital transactions accelerate, organizations need a solution to prove the identities of their customers and build online trust. This capability is the backbone of a safe, inclusive and sustainable commercial ecosystem.

The success of a digital identity initiative comes down to the skills, ambition and values of individual professionals responsible for Risk, Compliance and IT security.

In your role building Risk, Compliance and IT Security solutions for your organization, do you recognize the importance of digital identity in driving greater trust and transparency in a digital world?

Do you have the skills, tools and determination to use digital identity to drive positive change within your organization and beyond?

Are you excited about creating a positive legacy?

It’s time to find out if you are a Champion of Trust ...


To what extent do you agree that digital identity is the foundation of trust for your organization and customers, and to build a sustainable digital world?


Which of the following apply to you right now?

I want to make a difference in my organization’s digital identity strategy and leave a lasting legacy

I am passionate about the growth opportunities digital identity presents in terms of financial inclusion and access to critical services

I am keen to spearhead innovation around digital identity


What challenges are you currently experiencing in digital identity?

Limited budget or lack of support and other resources

Difficult to integrate new identity verification solutions with the existing tech stack

Ownership of digital identity in the business


To what extent do you (and stakeholders within your organization) see yourself as a Champion of Trust, currently possessing ALL these personal qualities AND skills to drive positive, identity-led business transformation?


Do you think you currently have access to ALL the resources, tools and skills you need AND that your organization has the appropriate vision, processes and culture to drive positive, identity-led business transformation?


How important is digital identity to your organization compared to two years ago?


To what extent do you agree digital identity is an opportunity for competitive differentiation as well as industry collaboration?

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Untapped Innovator

As an Untapped Innovator, you operate at the heart of your organization’s digital identity infrastructure, consistently ensuring customers are protected while driving regulatory compliance. However, the demands of your role mean you likely rarely have time to get involved in the broader, more strategic elements of digital identity.

You also may work within an organization that’s still evolving its approach to digital identity, and therefore you might lack access to the right tools, technologies and insights to operate in a more strategic way. You might occasionally lack confidence in your own abilities to become a driver of positive change, but you should feel extremely optimistic about the future.

As an Untapped Innovator, you already possess many of the qualities required to progress in your career. One area where you may seek improvement is to develop your skills as a cultural change agent — to work more closely with stakeholders to drive cultural change within your organization. Building emotional intelligence will allow you to progress in your career and accelerate your Champion of Trust journey.



Education, knowledge-sharing, and communication are the cornerstones of what it takes to become a Champion of Trust. Here are some resources to equip you with speaking points, in addition to resources that you can share with your colleagues and executive stakeholders.

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Our team is collecting stories from organizations across the globe to share with our audience of over 100,000 IT, security and compliance professionals. If selected, this person will be interviewed, recognized and featured as our latest Champion of Trust. We encourage self-nominations. Especially during an era of remote work, it’s important that we advocate for ourselves in our careers.

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